Company Introduction

R & R Engineering Private Limited is a leading Engineering Procurement, Supplier and Construction Company for Electrical, mechanical and Renewable energy solutions (Solar PV and Wind Turbine) for Industrial, commercial and domestic, with optimum
mix of quality an timeliness, thereby giving maximum value to the customers.Who is R & R? Established in 2004, R & R Engineering PVT. LTD has been supplying high quality power solutions into various market sectors building a long history of satisfied customers.

R & R Engineering Private Limited specialized in Solar PV and Wind Turbine Energy generation systems, Electrical installation, lighting solutions, Cable networking and Data Communication systems. We are authorized distributors and importer of world’s best Manufactures of Solar PV panels and inverters, switchgears, Electrical transformer, AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator), Led Lights solutions and AC/DC Electrical cables etc.

Today, we stand among top providers of Solar PV and Electrical components like SMA, Fronius, Victron Energy, Jinko, Trina, ABB, Schneider Electric, Terasaki, Solar Watt, Energy, tesvolt and many more, Along with installation in Pakistan as well as in the UK, (Herts Renewable Energy Solution LTD) with our clients ranging from Home honors to commercial and Industries. Advance Group of Companies consists of Herts Renewable
Energy Solutions LTD based in UK and R & R Engineering PVT. LTD based in Karachi,Pakistan.

Our service is what makes us stand out from other providers, in parallel with Herts Renewable Energy Solutions we are able to bring world class quality and innovative technique from UK to Pakistan. Therefore, allowing us to satisfy our highly loyal clients with best top quality under competitive rates. We have a strong fan following in different markets, that is, Off-Grid, Renewable – Solar & Wind, Telecom, Steel mills, Textile Industrials, Pharmaceutical, Chemical industries, Automotive, Supply Chain, Military and many more.

Our Mission

We turn effective ideas into reality, by precise understanding of your exact requirement. Empowering people with technological independence is our specialty. Our aim is to accelerate the adoption of Solar PV technology across the country and provide an environmentally friendly, sustainable and conflict free Energy and to help in eradicating the menace of load shedding and thereby,fueling the development in Pakistan.

Our aim is to accelerate the adoption of technology across the country and provide an environmentally, friendly and sustainable Solutions.

Our Vision

Our vision is Energy Self-reliant Pakistan, focusing on self-production, energy reliability and assuring a promising future for the coming generations. R & R Engineering Private Limited will enrich the lives of Pakistani households, commercial, industrial and farm customers as a caring and reliable provider of the most appropriate solar PV power technology solutions which bring them the best value.

We will build a learning culture for our team members which emphasize the highest levels of reliability, competence and integrity which will be the essence of our brand.


Our amazing team

Ghufran Ali khan

Managing Director

Aqsa Ali Khan

Technical Director

Ashraf Pervaiz

Chief Accountant

Ifthikar ali

Project Engineer

Bilawal Ahmed

IT Support Engineer

Huzaifa Ali

Sales project coordinator

Ahsan Ahmed

Site Engineer

Sufyan Ali Khan

Accounts Manager

Altamash Hussain

Senior Electrician

Zubair Ahmed


Faraz Asif


Faraz Ahmed