Company Introduction
R & R Engineering (Pvt.) LTD is a leading Engineering Procurement, Supplier and Construction Company for Electrical, mechanical and Renewable energy solutions (Solar PV, Wind turbines & EV chargers) for industrial, commercial and domestic, with the optimum mix of quality and timeliness, thereby giving maximum value to the customers.
Our knowledge and technical experience set us apart from all others in our industry; this ability to assist our customers allows us to help you tailor the perfect solution. And to illustrate this, we have Achieved C-2 from PEC & V-I from AEDB. R&R launched its O&M service for its customers & Asset Management with more than 500+ Projects installed for the residential customer (on-grid). Besides, we are the earliest in the field of EV chargers with the installation of Pakistan’s first 22kW AC Residential  EV charger and many more EV and PHEV chargers.

Our Divisions

We enjoy adapting our strategies to offer every client the best solutions that are at the forefront of the industry.

Our Working Process

We enjoy adapting our strategies to offer every client the best solutions that are at the forefront of the industry.

Step 1

Site Survey

Our team will be visiting the site and discussing with the client the system requirement
Step 2

Design & Engineering

Our team will be calculating the system maximum size can be possible & designed the structure as per client demand.
Step 3

Design Approval & Execution

When the design is approved by the client then our professional team start work to install the Solar system and try to complete the system ASAP.
Step 4

System Commission

After the system is installed successfully our IT Engineers visit the site and Commission the inverters & guide you about monitoring system.
Step 5

Quality Assurance

After system commissioning, our site engineers check all wires are properly connected to the system and some other tests like power generation, AC DC voltages, earthing.
Step 6

Project Handover

when our project is done we handover the project to the client & guide him about how you can monitor the system's daily power generation how much you save from solar & other client's question.
years of experience
Operations and Maintenance Services
We are the trusted operations and maintenance partner for many businesses in Pakistan. We deliver peace of mind over your system’s lifetime and can maintain optimal performance through EV charger, battery, solar panel maintenance, service, repairs and cleaning. With industry recognised technical expertise, we are with you for your renewable technology operations and maintenance needs. Including solar PV maintenance, solar panel cleaning services, a system removal and refit, fire protection safety review/upgrade, or system optimisations.

Testing & Troubleshooting

Asset Management Services

Thermographic Inspection

Monitoring & Control

What Is Net Metering?
Net metering is a billing mechanism whereby KE consumers are given credit for the electricity they add to the grid generated through Solar or Wind Power.

How Does Net-Metering Work?

Consumers generate electricity through solar/wind and generation from this system is more than what is required by the consumer. Without net metering, this excess generation goes to the grid unaccounted for and there is no benefit to the consumer. KE as the electric utility installs a bidirectional meter at the consumer’s premise which can record this excess generation and gives credit to the consumer on monthly bill.
  • Installation of Solar System
  • Preparation of Application
  • Inspection & NOC issuance
  • Signing Of Agreement
  • Allotment of Generation License
  • Activation of Net Meter
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